Most people desire whiter teeth to smile more attractively and with greater confidence. A safe, efficient technique to whiten your teeth is with teeth whitening.

Many individuals need to be made aware of how teeth whitening works and how to make sure your procedure produces the desired results.

Whitening With Tray

Our dental lab at CDC will create specific whitening trays for you to whiten your teeth. Your mouth should snugly accommodate the trays.

Afterward, the bleaching gel is put into the bleaching trays and placed against the outer tooth surfaces. The truth is that only a small amount of bleach is needed, contrary to popular belief, to get the desired result. Within a few days, you should start to see the effects, and treatment should continue for at least two weeks until you are satisfied with the outcomes. Avoiding meals like curries, red wine, and beverages that stain teeth is crucial to maintaining their efficacy.


To make sure your teeth are clean before you start bleaching, have your teeth cleaned to eliminate any discoloration or calculus that may be present. People are concerned about the adverse effects of bleaching, but if you adhere to your dentist’s recommendations and practise proper oral hygiene, bleaching should be very safe and comfortable.

Without removing any of the tooth surface, teeth whitening is a very effective approach to lighten the natural colour of your teeth.